Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Now Playing Smax Music

Carrying the torch once lite by Reggae legend Bob Marley, New York native Smax delivers an eclectic and inspirational style that can be described as Caribbean Rock. I woke up this morning and had the sound of Smax music for breakfast and I must admit, saying I like Smax Music would be an understatement. I literally found myself singing to his tunes well beyond lunch and the lyrics were so powerful one co-worker stopped me to ask what song I was signing.

Thanks to the sound of Smax Music I was able to enjoy my day and the enjoyment sincerely reached a higher level. As I ran around the office yelling " I feel So Good, The World's got nothing on me " I realized that my singing was touching others around me. The music not only made my day better it improved the work day of those around me. From New York to California the Smax motto ( enjoy life ) was being heard, felt and shared subconsciously.

If music was high school Smax would be voted most likely to change the world. His voice is soothing and inspirational. Inspired by his lyrics and melodies we in-turn inspire others which is just one of the reasons good music can be so powerful. Smax music can heal a wounded soul or straighten out a crooked road. It's therapeutic yet entertaining and sexy enough to rock the party right. Just one listen and it might be stuck in your head for life.

New york is once again in for a treat when Smax and friends invade the stage and the infamous Fat Baby toward the end of April. Mark your celandars! If your looking for an excellent evening, treat yourself to an unforgettable live show and be sure to get your tickets in advance for the low price of just $8. Below I have included footage from Smax's most recent Fat baby performance and if you take a look, Im sure you would a agree it's the place to be. Perfect for the fellas trying to meet the ladies and it's a perfect way for a romantic couple to kick of the evening.

Check out the links belows for info on Smax Music. Follow, like and friend the artist on his social media journey for a direct connection to his tweets, updates and events. Check out the videos below and be sure to share with your friends. I personally think I found the modern day Bob Marley so please, drop your comments and let me know if you agree.



  1. that is just right down the street. hopefully i get the night off work

  2. awesome!! love the music! it's always refreshing to see artists do what they do! respect!