Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mona Lisa Twins

OMG!... that's what my daughter says. She doesn't say oh my god, she literally spells it out O-M-G! She normally says it when she gets super excited about the boy band called One Direction but n todays blog feature you can be sure to credit the O-M-G to Mona Lisa Twins.

The word is actually an acronym and Oh My God is really just the peanut srinkles on top of your sundae. Austria's dynamic indie/60's backbeat pop duo the MonaLisa Twins are here to stay and even though they have gone a unique route the success of their latest full-length release "When We're Together" has  proven to the masses that this goodness  is the stock worth investing in.

These two 19 year olds are releasing more visionary music videos in one year than most artists do in a full career...6 so far, with 1 more on the way. From hitting the streets in Stables Market, Camden, for a collaborative art project in the "When We're Together" video ( to the sombre but resilient tribute to "the vast lands of an unfathomable mind" (their late Grandmother's Alzheimers struggle) in "The Wide, Wide Land" ( to the playful, unrequited love of "Won't You Listen Now" ( to the 60's Backbeat/Beatles tribute of "One More Time" ( to the ode to developing one's one dreams as opposed to listening to experts, which found the band attending the Queen's official birthday in pajamas and showcasing their beaten up childhood toy for the "Dreams" video (

Most recently, they've released "I Don't Know Birds That Well", complete with aerial footage from an Octocopter!

Don't just watch the videos,.. I really want to hear you comments and the girls of Mona Lisa want you social media attention. So get on it and let us know what you think! SALUD!


  1. lovely tunes!!

    I just wish you could post more frequently Mr. Spokesman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!