Thursday, October 24, 2013

Billy Roberts and The Rough Riders

Country All Star artist by the name is Billy Roberts hails from Moree, Australia with a signature blend of Americana-flavored country and rock showcasing his personal stories and capture the best elements that music can offer.

I recently had a chance to get familiar with the music of Billy Roberts and I must say it is truly hard to find underground talent of this quality. No More Mr Nice Guy is a song of homage for all the cowboys around the globe. the single which is also his debut, combines a devil may care attitude together with respectful nods to the place he grew up and the music he loves.

Mr Roberts gets a little personal on tracks like “I’m Gonna Get That Girl,” then he gets soulful with the bluesy tones of “Red Headed Baby,” and the honest, fiddle-filled simplicity of “I Was Young.” Records labels around the nation are constantly looking for a quality sound like this and we must give a big thanks for Australia for blessing us with this tunes.

Overall I am very impressed, not only does Billy Roberts get the party started but he make you feel like the party is in your very own backyard. I strongly suggest for country music fans to give the Rough Rides an open ear and I want to know what you think. So be sure to drop your comments below. For more info on Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders check out the web links below.


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